Freudenthal/Verhagen continue their collaboration of almost three decades with a series of new work, in which they further explore the boundaries of photography and the possibilities for the creation of visual illusions. Known for their unique visual language and their pioneering approach towards the medium of photography, The Ravestijn Gallery is proud to present their second solo show ‘Absorptions’.

One of the inspirations for ‘Absorptions’ are the sketches and studies for paintings of the old masters like Rembrandt, on which some details of the body are already drawn out in perfection, whereas other surfaces are left empty or vague. In a time where there is much emphasis on having a perfect body, Freudenthal/Verhagen sought ways to both deform and enhance the human body in all of its imperfections, resulting in images wherein body parts are either masked or brought to an alluring light, subtly making the weight of human existence palpable.

Currently a selection of these works is on view at

Salon Salon, Studio Beige
Group show "Identity Unraveled"
Het Industriegebouw, Goudsesingel 202, Rotterdam

Works can also be viewed at our studio show, June 23+24 
Groenhoedenveem 30, Amsterdam